Photos from LA Comic Con

In this post, I’m going to dump dozens of photos taken at LA Comic Con two weeks ago.  First, some info on our costumes:  My brother Andrew, his partner Tony, and I all went as Marvel superheroes.  Andrew went as Captain America in an alternate costume based on a costume the character briefly wore after disavowing the identity of Captain America.  The costume was later adopted by another character, US Agent. Andrew sewed the jacket himself.  The shield is purchased, although Andrew customized it by repainting the back side a metallic gray.  The shield was also autographed by Spider-man actor Tom Holland when Andrew met him at the premier of Avengers: Infinity War.  The helmet was made using our new 3D printer.

Tony went as Squirrel Girl.  The costume is largely made of purchased articles of clothing.  Eyeshadow was used as a subtle nod to the weird eye makeup Squirrel Girl used to wear before her reinvention in a popular series by Ryan North and Erica Henderson in 2015.  The belt pouches were filled with nuts to remain faithful to the spirit of the character. IMG_20181027_123820898 I went as Hawkeye, as he appears in Matt Fraction’s popular series.  The costume is made of a shirt with a logo attached with fabric glue.  I made the pouches of the utility belt and the side quiver by sewing them.  The compound bow I used belongs to Tony, and was modified to prevent the bowstring from being drawn in order to comply with the convention weapons policy.  Additionally to comply with the weapons policy, the arrows were all props made from wooden dowels and EVA foam.  The costume also included fake hearing aids for both ears, since the character is almost entirely deaf.


For the first day of the convention we walked around the convention center and only visited one panel.  We also met up with a friend of ours.  After the convention Tony and I changed into other costumes, and the three of us got drinks downtown.



The second day of the convention was more of the same from Saturday- hanging out and checking out panels and booths.  Below are some of the photos from that day.


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