playing softball and installing linux

Yesterday morning I joined my labmates to play softball.  While I haven’t played in years it was the same as if I’d never stopped- I sucked then and I suck now.  After the game everyone went to go get lunch.   After lunch I went back to my dorm, meaning to get changed and go to the lab.  Instead I showered, changed, then did some work, and then got extremely tired and laid down for a nap.  The nap lasted for four hours, from 4 to 8 pm.  I felt bad for never going into work.  I did some more work from 8 to midnight.  I finally got Linux Mint installed on my laptop.  Now I can do all my 1337 programming on a unix operating system, which I’m convinced will make me smarter, as well as increase my nerd cred by 6%.  Now all I have to do is actually learn how to program.


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